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Our services in detail:


Aesthetic Dermatology:

An information appointment through the personal treatment manager (PTM) of each clinic is recommended to inform not only the interested party but also for the doctors or treatment managers to understand the wishes of change to be made. It is clearly central to the final course of treatment and technique to be followed between doctors and patients. 

Then, according to the needs of the skin, a personalized type of treatment is proposed that will achieve the final result.





There is much more to the general use of dermatology than just diagnosis and treatment. The good doctor/therapist has a good knowledge of diagnosis and treatment, but should also understand the complexities of the doctor-patient interaction that are incorporated into a good understanding of the interview.


After the very basic evaluation, a comprehensive and targeted treatment is chosen that includes dermatological services in collaboration with the most innovative and effective machines.

Each program is specialized and designed exclusively to meet your needs (slimming, epidermal tightening, lymphatic drainage, lipolysis and cellulite).


LPG is the first company to receive FDA approval for cellulite, body contouring . The action of the Endermologie® treatment is twofold: a) Mechanization and b) Mobilization in an electronically controlled manner. Through IMR® (Independent Motorized Rollers) technology, fibroblasts are stimulated resulting in increased collagen and elastin production for a rejuvenated and healthier skin tone. Wearing a bodysuit, specially designed by LPG, the mechanical rollers cover almost the entire surface of the body and then focus on problem areas.

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