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Our services in detail:




In other words, skin surgery is a service undertaken by our dermatologists to treat both skin lesions and to achieve the best aesthetic result on the skin. From the new Liquid facelift that started in America as the most complete and immediate non-surgical solution to chemical peeling or even mesotherapy, the needs of each person are different.


In addition, aesthetic treatments for women and men include:


 B.otox (all brands)


Hyaluronic acid implants for the treatment of wrinkles


Skin renewal with the combination of high technology machines


Treatment of hair growth with Alexandrite laser machines


Acid peeling

Interventional Dermatology:
αισθητική ιατρική


It is one of the most widely used materials to remove expression wrinkles on the face.

The full name of the material is botulinum toxin. It is also marketed under other brand names.

It from the more_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3 b-136bad5cf58d_frequent aesthetic interventions worldwide. The effect of the drug begins within two days and is completed in two weeks, while it varies from person to person. It lasts from 3.5 to 6 months.


An important development in the treatment of patients with chronic migraine is the approval, a few months ago, by the Hellenic National Medicines Organization (EOF) of the use of the preparation for the preventive treatment of chronic migraine. This approval is, of course, supported by sufficient scientific data and follows the approval of the specific indication in countries such as the USA and Great Britain.

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