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Sebum removal technology has changed. New aesthetic treatment unit for cleaning and facial rejuvenation at KRL medical clinics.

Dermabrasion with the ecopeel method aims at deep cleansing, freeing the skin of sebum, impurities, oiliness and dead cells. Thanks to the patented system of ejection and suction of sterile corundum microcrystals, it gives an excellent result of clean and shiny skin.

After this use it is used as a powerful intervention tool in deeper layers of the skin where the doctor performs treatments for acne scars, back acne, facial acne, dilated pores, surface discolorations, photoaging, fine wrinkles. It is used in addition to the face but also for the body (back or décolleté)  or on stretch marks or acne marks.

It is a painless and safe method, but also personalized for each type of skin or each stage of treatment.


microcrystals clean

TREATMENT TIME: 40 to 60 minutes

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