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Do you want to permanently get rid of unnecessary body hair and are you looking for information? Or maybe you booked your first appointment and you don't know what to do before you come?


(laser body hair removal, bikini hair removal, Laser Alexandrite back, and many other parts of the body..)

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The Alexandrite Laser produces a red beam of light which is mainly absorbed by melanin (the pigment of the hair) and causes thermal damage to the shaft and the hair follicle without damaging the surrounding tissues. The hair follicle is destroyed and the dark end hair is permanently removed.


As now hair removals were done with traditional hair removal techniques, wax, the shave and with laser which produced pulsed light and had the effect of simple removal for a temporary period like 10 days. Even the technique of electrolysis which is possible to permanently destroy the hair involves the insertion of a needle  in each pocket as well as electric current transfer to him. It is a more painful procedure than the laser and particularly time-consuming as only small areas can be cured in one session and are necessary multiple sessions in a short period of time. 



The use of Alexandrite Lasers by our specialized medical staff is safe, effective and easy and allows the treatment of large areas during one session. After just one session the improvement is often evident, while after repeated sessions the best possible result is achieved.

Laser gift!
1 session on the armpits to new clients for the Korydallos and Chalandri Clinic!

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