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General info - Laser session missed Q & A

Έγινε ενημέρωση: 19 Ιουλ 2023

Good evening! You have called us to the emergency line for questions and we are here to answer them! Initially we thank you for your patience, but in these difficult times we cannot help you with cosmetic treatments. As soon as we have news of our safe return we will let you know! ️️️

About LASER Alexandrite Hair Removal:


Q: What can I do now that I cannot repeat my laser hair removal session and my hair is coming out?

A: Like some of you who miss their session due to unexpected interruptions, or tanning, so at this time of the year that our clinics remain closed or we only serve medical cases, IF and since you cannot endure the hair that has come out then we only suggest some less interrupting solutions to the outcome of your laser treatment.

Regarding facial hair (upper lip) and if you can't wait for our original request, and because it's a sensitive area we would recommend using a depilatory cream that will cause less irritation than any other method. The only last resort for a few hairs is the tweezers. The use of antiseptic (Octanisept or other) afterwards is important to avoid irritation and please do use moisturizing cream later.

Regarding the body, in the area of ​​the hands you can choose the method of any depilatory cream, while in the rest of the body, if you can not endure the unwanted hair which remains our original request, we suggest methods such as the following:

1) trimming any way you can (hair trimmer at TRIM level or razor but not shaving in the opposite side of the hair direction),

2) wax (because you will certainly only intervene once).

In this case, we would ask you to intervene as little as possible, in order not to activate hair follicles weakened by your previous laser sessions.

Again, we point out that these are the last solution to where we resort only in special cases such as this one. We do not prefer razor in any way because it often irreparably hurts the skin!

Q: My follow-up laser session was scheduled for the days passed/ following. What can I do?

A: The follow-up session is an auxiliary session and it is done to target some hair follicles that didn't appear in the main session. It is mandatory the first 3-4 times in order for all hair appear at the same cycle time. So as to achieve the point where the main sessions take place every 1.5 / 2/3 months and so on. In case you missed it, we will repeat it within 15 days after your main session. You will be given more details about these by your treatment specialist.

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